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Lua scripts can only run when you enable Lua plugin in your Verlihub hub. You can read about installing Verlihub with Lua support support on Verlihub Installation wiki page.

To check if your hub has loaded Lua plugin use following command.


To confirm your plugin is loaded you should see entry for Lua plugin like one below.

[*] Name: lua [Off] [Manual]
[*] Path: /usr/local/lib/
[*] Description: Support for Lua scripts.
[*] Last error: Plugin loaded.

If you see status as Name: lua [Off], or you don't see Lua entry at all, you need to add and enable Lua plugin by using commands below:

// when you don't see Lua entry at all, we can add new plugin like do:
!addplug lua -p /usr/local/lib/ -a 1 -d Support for Lua scripts.

// when you see Lua entry but it's not enabled, you can enable it and set it to autostart with your hub:
!modplug lua -a 1

// load Lua plugin now:
!onplug lua

You can verify that Lua plugin is loaded by using !pluglist command.

Loaded plugins:

	Name		Version