Created: 2022/12/31 08:05:31 America/Chicago
By: admin
Modified: 2023/01/22 23:13:07 America/Chicago
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Hub locale is done by setting locale variable in dbconfig configuration file and restarting your hub. In this article we assume you are trying to configure Polish locale CP1250.

db_host = ...
db_data = ...
db_user = ...
db_pass = ...
db_charset = ...
locale = pl_PL.CP1250

When above changes don't work, that means that your server isn't configured with required locale.

To configure required locale edit file /etc/locale.gen:

sudo nano /etc/locale.gen;

Then you can find and uncomment following line or if it's not there append following on the end of the file:

pl_PL.CP1250 CP1250

Then compile languages by using: 

sudo locale-gen;

And finally restart your hub.